Getting Customized Jewelry from a Designer


If you’re into jewelry, then you surely prefer to have something unique and wonderful. However, most of the items that can be found on the market are coming from a series of designs and everyone can have access to it. There are also some exclusivist jewelry stores that offer unique pieces, but these are usually expensive and not everyone can afford them, as they are made by very famous designers and you get to pay for the brand of the jewelry, not just for its rightful value.

Because of this, the best way to wear something unique is to find a jewelry designer who can create you something that is both beautiful and unique. Let’s see something about custom jewelry and how you can get it.

The Designer

First of all, you will have to find the right jewelry designer who can help you out. If you have a jewelry store in your local area, you can go there and ask who creates the jewelry. If they have a designer, ask to talk to him or her. It’s a good chance that you’ll find someone willing to create something beautiful for you to wear. However, make sure they also have the right knowledge for this.

The Sketch

When you talk to the jewelry designer, you’re going to have to be able to explain what you want. If it’s too simple, the designer might as well tell you to go to any store as you will definitely find what you are looking for.

The thing is that to have a custom jewelry, you’re going to need to have an original idea or something that cannot be found on the market or something that you haven’t found in a jewelry store. This being said, explain to the designer exactly what you want – it can be a symbol that has a special meaning to you, it can be a ring that has an intricate pattern and you can’t find it on the market, or a necklace that has a certain assortment of gems.

The Design

Once the designer has understood what you want, he or she is going to make a design for you to see if what he has draw reflects your idea. It’s the best thing to do, because what you will see on the design is how the item will look, and if you’re not satisfied with the drawing, you can tell them.

If you’ve found a good designer, you will get the exact design that you want from the first try, otherwise –  they will have to adjust the design until it looks exactly how you want it.

The Process

Once you’ve approved of the design, you’re going to have to choose – you can either pay for the design and find someone else to do it for you, or you can ask them to also make the piece of jewelry. Of course, this will depend on the material of your choice and if there are gems involved in the design, because different designers prefer to work with different materials, and you will need someone that works with what you want. Of course, they might get the right materials for you and you will still get your item in the end.

In the end, even if you ask for embedding a picture on a medallion or writing something special on a ring or on a bracelet, this can also be called customized jewelry. This is because it’s not something that you find on the market – your picture is unique (it can be your child, or someone else that you love) and the same can be said about the message – the writing that you want to have on the ring. Simply writing the name of your significant other on the wedding ring makes it a customized item of jewelry.